Bill Lowrey

Dr. Bill Lowrey has over twenty years of experience in international peacebuilding. From 1991-1999 he worked in rebel-held areas of southern Sudan where he integrated traditional peacemaking methods with modern theories. He received two national peacemaking awards for his work in organizing and facilitating a people-to-people peace process that ended an eight-year conflict between the two largest tribes of southern Sudan. After the creation of the Republic of South Sudan in 2011 he served as the peacebuilding technical adviser to the South Sudan Parliament’s Peace and Reconciliation Committee, focusing on building their capacity for resolving communal level conflicts. From 2000-2010 Lowrey served as the director of peacebuilding for World Vision International, establishing their peace and reconciliation department and programs. He trained peacebuilders in more than 30 countries and developed five regional peacebuilding networks that formed a global network. In 2010, he became an independent consultant advising and coaching leaders of international non-governmental organizations and key peacemakers in national contexts with a focus on nurturing resilience for sustained peacebuilding. Lowrey holds a PhD from the Union Institute and University, a D.Min from McCormick Theological Seminary, and an M.Div from Reformed Theological Seminary. He was married for forty years until his first wife passed away from Early Onset Alzheimer’s disease. In 2010 he married Dr. Alice Petersen, a long-time friend, and his co-instructor in this course.