Alma Abdul-Hadi Jadallah

Dr. Alma Abdul-Hadi Jadallah is president and managing director of Kommon Denominator, Inc. In that capacity, she advises and provides technical expertise on strategic projects related to conflict prevention and mitigation, reconciliation and peace-building, training and education, and capacity building at national and international levels. She has developed innovative solutions and provided services to a number of organizations including the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Fortune 500 companies, government, and not for profit organizations. Dr. Abdul-Hadi Jadallah has designed and delivered highly successful small and large-scale interventions in corporate, community, and international settings. She is a skilled facilitator, a Virginia Court Certified mediator, and the recipient of several business awards.

As an educator, Dr. Abdul-Hadi Jadallah teaches graduate-level courses on cross-cultural mediation, conflict resolution practice and protracted conflicts in lead academic institutions. She is currently adjunct faculty at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University, the Summer Peacebuilding Institute at Eastern Mennonite University, and the School of International Service at American University. She has also taught courses at Georgetown University School of Government’s MA Program in Conflict Resolution, the Caux Scholars Program, and the European Peace University. She is affiliate faculty at the Women’s Center at George Mason University, and Visiting Scholar at the Center for Global Peace at American University. Dr. Abdul-Hadi Jadallah has participated in a number of global conferences on conflict resolution, international women’s leadership development, and has been a speaker and participant at various national and international forums and media outlets. She designed, directed and facilitated numerous dialogues on issues pertaining to gender, protracted conflicts and US foreign policy. Dr. Abdul-Hadi Jadallah earned her PhD from the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University and currently serves as a member of the School’s advisory board.