Christian Spirituality for Social Action

Jennifer Lee and Johonna Turner  

This course is designed for peacebuilders and movement-builders -- including organizers, activists, educators, ministers and other community leaders who desire to strengthen the connection between their commitment to Christian spirituality and their work for social change.  We will explore Christian spiritual formation practices to nurture and sustain a life of community leadership, engaged ministry, and social activism.  We will also:

  • Reflect on the role of the church in social change
  • Highlight biblical and theological resources for personal and social       transformation, and
  • Consider faith-rooted approaches to mobilization and organizing.

Throughout this process, we will draw from the rich contributions, perspectives, and experiences of people of color within the U.S. and around the world. We especially encourage people from communities of color to participate in this training, including activists and leaders from the Global South. Expect to learn from one another through discussions and small group activities as well as to enjoy time alone, including outdoors in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.  

This course is being offered for training and for academic credit. The syllabus details the number of credits hours and associated course requirements.