Fulbright Scholars

Join the Fulbright Scholars who have studied at a world-renowned graduate program in conflict transformation

The curriculum for the Masters of Arts in Conflict Transformation consists of 45 credit hours and includes:

  • Practice opportunities, field experience and a required practicum
  • Courses integrating peacebuilding and justice analysis, theory, practice and research
  • Focus on culturally diverse theories and adaptation of practices for local contexts

CJP is known for supporting international Fulbright students:

  • Help arranging transportation from nearest airports
  • Assistance finding housing before students arrive
  • Orientation to the globally diverse community of Harrisonburg
  • Dining hall options sensitive to multiple dietary needs
  • Intensive English Program available on campus

Tuition discounts for Fulbright students at CJP:

  • 12.5% for one student
  • 20% for two students in same year
  • 25% for three or more students in same year

Fulbright Scholars

Samira Abou Alfa, MA Candidate 2019, LEBANON

Fulbright ScholarsSamira was born and raised in Lebanon, a small country in the Middle East. She earned a Bachelor Degree in political science/ international affairs with a minor in psychology from the Lebanese American University in Beirut. During her undergraduate years, she volunteered and became a member of different NGOs in Lebanon such as the Lebanese Red Cross and Search for Common Ground. Also, she became a psychosocial support animator as part of a volunteering opportunity at Mercycorps International. After graduating, she worked at Mercycorps International, Lebanon. She held the position of a Focused PSS trainer for children at risk of child labor in which she came in contact with refugees and children from different backgrounds. Eager to study conflicts in her society and analyze them, she wanted to specialize in conflict transformation. Happily, she will be able to do so with the help of a Fulbright scholarship. Besides her passion for conflict resolution, Samira has a passion for writing. She is a writer and a poet who hopes that her works will be published one day.

Filip Cvetanovski, MA Candidate 2019, MACEDONIA

Fulbright ScholarsFilip was born in Skopje, Macedonia. He obtained his bachelor degree in Political Science at the University Ss Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. Having grown up in a post-conflict multicultural society, he was very keen on researching and learning ways to create a peaceful and just post-conflict society. Apart from his activities in the University, he was very active in the Macedonian civil society. Furthermore, through the program “Youth Reconciliation Ambassadors,” he worked on the field of reconciliation and on improving the cooperation among the young people in the Western Balkan region. He was also part of the team that wrote and signed a Declaration on Regional Cooperation in the Western Balkans. He obtained a master’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy with a thesis in the field of Post Conflict Reconciliation. His efforts were recognized by the President of Macedonia and he was proclaimed as one of the future leaders of the country. Through the Fulbright program he will get the opportunity to take his work and knowledge on the next level, and the Center for Justice & Peacebuilding at EMU will be the perfect place for this.

Bouela Lehbib Breica, MA Candidate 2019, ALGERIA

Fulbright ScholarsBouela is a refugee from Western Sahara, Algeria. He was born and raised in one of the largest refugee camp in the world. Despite the hardships, he achieved the completion of two undergrad degrees, one in the Science of Communication and Journalism and another in Translation. In 2015, he was awarded an Erasmus scholarship to study a master degree at Las Palmas University. He learned a plethora of amazing new things like coexistence with students from different cultures, religious beliefs and races and through that his passion for learning grew even higher. Bouela is the first Saharawi granted a Fulbright scholarship to pursue a master degree. After finishing his education in Algeria in 2012, he played a vital role in establishing the first Department of Translation and Interpreting in the Saharawi Ministry for Public Services. Although it was a good experience, it did not work owing to lack of resources. He then worked with the Movement for Peace, Liberty and Disarmament (MPDL) an International Organization, implementing humanitarian projects in the Saharawi refugee camps. The job focused on different fields like waste management, food and tents distribution. Working two years for MPDL allowed Bouela to build his capacity and gain valued experience. In April 2016, the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) was accredited in the Saharawi refugee camps to implement projects on livelihoods. He had the privilege of assuming the highest local post offered as Livelihoods Team Leader. While his life as a refugee has been full of hardship and not something he ever would have chosen, he has approached his life and its challenges as opportunities to learn, grow as a person and work hard to make the desired change in his life and the life of his people.

Kamran Mamedovi, MA Candidate 2019, GEORGIA

Fulbright ScholarsKamran was born in Georgia (not State Georgia, but the Caucasus). Kamran holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and an MA in Public Governance. He is a citizen of the Republic of Georgia with an ethnic Azerbaijani background. He thinks that one of the most significant challenges for Georgia is managing diversity and miscommunication between vulnerable groups and the majority. Unfortunately, nowadays, in Georgia ethnic minorities are not perceived as “fully Georgians” and those ethnic minorities do not think that they are part of Georgian society. As a result they experience alienation and there are barriers between ethnic groups. To play a positive role in this nation building process, he is conducting research, writing policy papers, writing and implementing projects, giving public lectures to ethnic minorities about civic nationalism and equality, blogging and working with youth to promote an equal and diverse society. Kamran believes that diversity is the strength of any society. Through his education at CJP, he plans to play a significant role in strengthening and democratizing Georgia, where equality and tolerance are every day rules, regardless of race, gender, ethnic origin, religion and sexual orientation.

Bahman Shahi, MA Candidate 2019, AFGHANISTAN

Fulbright ScholarsBahman joins us from his home in northern Afghanistan. He pursued his bachelor’s degree, majoring in English Literature at Kabul University, and is an active member of Afghanistan’s civil society and debate circuit. He has worked as Program Coordinator for Seeds of Peace (a peacebuilding and leadership development organization) and Project Manager at the Kabul-based Afghans for Progressive Thinking Organization. He believes that every human being is unique and deserves to be treated with love and respect despite his/her differences. He believes that in the EMU/CJPcommunity he will grow both academically and personally.

Silvia Menendez Alalde, MA Candidate 2018, SPAIN

Fulbright ScholarsSilvia received a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology in Madrid, Spain, but didn’t learn about restorative justice until she studied at the University of New Mexico (Albuquerque, NM) as an Erasmus exchange student and was “completely transformed,” prompting her to look at internships opportunities back home in Madrid. There she worked for the Spanish Prison Fellowship (associated with Prison Fellowship International), co-facilitating workshops for inmates at Estremera Prison. Silvia also helped to administer and translate documents for the RJ European Union project “Building Bridges” which seeks to promote restorative justice processes between offenders and victims as part of the UN International Handbook on Justice for Victims.

I decided to pursue the MA in Conflict Transformation at CJP because it offers a unique opportunity for students coming from a diversity of states and countries to focus on their passion and develop the knowledge and the skills needed to pursue it. Additionally, the extensive experience of the CJP faculty and staff in the peacebuilding and conflict resolution field brings the perfect combination of wisdom and networking that allows students improve their learning experience and their career paths. CJP has become not only a place for encouragement, learning, and interaction, but a family too! After graduating I’d like to return to Spain and serve as an RJ facilitator in scenarios in which restorative justice has already been implemented within the Criminal Justice System but I’d also like to help promote RJ and conflict resolution initiatives in other areas such education, public administration, and social organizations.

Myriam Aziz, 2017-2018 Teaching Fellow, 2017 Graduate, LEBANON

Fulbright ScholarMyriam worked with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) as a Senior Resettlement Assistant for Syrian refugees at the duty station, Zahle, in the Beqaa Valley, Lebanon.

I chose CJP at EMU because of the practice-oriented nature of the conflict transformation graduate program. I had spent the previous two years of my life working in the field and sought a creative educational atmosphere to actively learn about sustained structural change and its application in international settings. EMU seemed to offer the latter in addition to CJP professors who believe in shaping students into “pra-cademics”: the professors are practitioners themselves and go well beyond mere lecturing with their students. Additionally, the community at CJP is extremely supportive and genuinely kind. It was almost hard to believe at the beginning: people asked if I needed help with anything and were willing to follow through with their offers! The community is full of great networking opportunities and all members of the community seem to be willing to help connect you where needed. I hope my conflict transformation degree would have instilled in me a strong sense of flexibility when working in the field, to better cope with the ever changing, challenging, and difficult working conditions in the Middle East.

Listing of all Fulbright Scholars from the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding

Najla El Mangoush, LIBYA
Huda Abu Arquob, PALESTINE
Abou Ahiyoya, MALI
Mohammad Ahnaf, INDONESIA
Huda Al Orfali, SYRIA
Jihan Al-Alaily, EGYPT
Muzna Al-Masri, LEBANON
Myriam Aziz, LEBANON
Florence Batoni, RWANDA
Florina Benoit, INDIA
Paranjoy Bordoloi, INDIA
Boniface Cheembe, ZAMBIA
Lam Cosmas, UGANDA
Ameet Dhakal, NEPAL
Fadi El Hajjar, LEBANON
Najla El Mangoush, LIBYA
Janna El-Horr, LEBANON
Nariman Elias, SYRIA
Odelya Gertel, ISRAEL
Manas Ghanem, SYRIA
Mohammed Ghanem, SYRIA
Randa Gharfeh, JORDAN
Hind Ghorayeb, LEBANON
Sumita Ghose, INDIA
Ala’Eldin Hamdan, ISRAEL
Lina Haramy, ISRAEL
Syed Hussain, PAKISTAN
Jennifer Jag Jivan, PAKISTAN
Seneviratne Jayasundara, SRI LANKA
Kumar Jha, NEPAL
Mohamad Jourieh, SYRIA
Husam Jubran, PALESTINE
Rina Kashyap, INDIA
Nelson Katabula, UGANDA
Kaushikee, INDIA
Rania Kharma, PALESTINE
Babloo Loitongbam INDIA
Shoqi Maktary, YEMEN
Debendra Manandhar, NEPAL
Ibriz Mouaad, MOROCCO
Ruba Musleh, JORDAN
Cynthia Nassif, LEBANON
Solomon Nsabiyera, RWANDA
Emmanuel Ole Sayiorry, KENYA
Dennis Oricho, KENYA
Janina Prado, BOLIVIA
Zaenuddin Prasojo, INDONESIA
Raghda Quandour, JORDAN
Fadi Rabieh, JORDAN
Hemlata Rai, NEPAL
Devanand Ramiah, SRI LANKA
Monica Rijal, NEPAL
Ngoriakou Riwongole, KENYA
Doreen Ruto, KENYA
Abdul-Aziz Saeed, YEMEN
Nilofar Sakhi, AFGHANISTAN
Abdul Latif Salem, AFGHANISTAN
Danny Salim, SYRIA
Thushara Samarawickrama, SRI LANKA
Pulipaka Sanjay, INDIA
Manjrika Sewak, INDIA
Anjana Shakya, NEPAL
Yasodha Shrestha, NEPAL
Yaron Shukrun, ISRAEL
Michal Tagar, ISRAEL
Bisakha Tamang, NEPAL
Marie-Jose Tayah, LEBANON
Kamal Tipu, PAKISTAN
Francois Traore, GUINEA
Karamaga Wilson, RWANDA
Gladston Xavier, INDIA
Fred Yiga, UGANDA
Hassan Yousufzai, PAKISTAN
Mohamed Zabaar, TUNISIA
Damjan Zdravev, MACEDONIA

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