MA in Conflict Transformation Degree Requirements

The Master of Arts in Conflict Transformation is awarded upon successful completion of 45 semester hours. This includes a 15 credit required core, a fall or spring practitioner skills assessment course, courses taken towards a specialization, and the practicum. Students work with a faculty advisor to establish a course of study that will meet that student’s vocational goals. When pursued full time, the program can be completed in two years; limited-residency students normally finish in three to five years. All students are required to spend at least one spring semester (January-April) on campus.

To graduate, the student must meet all course and practicum requirements, earn a minimum GPA of 3.00 for the Master of Arts or a minimum GPA of 2.75 for the Graduate Certificate program, master program assessment criteria for competency, and obtain formal approval of the faculty for graduation.

Core Requirements

Master of Arts
PAX 534 Foundations for Justice & Peacebuilding I (6 credits)
PAX 634 Foundations for Justice & Peacebuilding II (6 credits)
(see policy for limited-residency students satisfying Foundations I)

PAX 535 Research Methods for Social Change (3 credits)

Practitioner fall or spring skills assessment courses (Choose at least one):

Practicum (6-9 credit hours)


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