Career Opportunities

David Showalter presents a poster on fire ant alarm pheromones at the 2008 International Society of Chemical Ecology meeting. David worked throughout the previous summer with fellow student Elisa Troyer and chemistry professor Matthew Siderhurst to identify two new pheromone components, which may help to control the invasive little fire ant in Hawaii.

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EMU provides a broad background for the wide variety of career options open to the chemistry or biochemistry major and a solid preparation for study at the graduate level.

EMU chemistry and biochemistry graduates are now involved in a variety of activities:

  • Neurochemistry research
  • Teaching college science
  • Opening a medical practice
  • Community health worker in Central America
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Environmental quality control
  • Malaria research in Tanzania
  • Biotechnology

Students who are interested in chemistry and a career in healthcare can major in either chemistry or biochemistry and enroll in the pre-professional health sciences program. A major in chemistry or biochemistry can launch your career in many directions. While some of these career possibilities also require graduate study, many are immediately available after graduating from EMU.