Organizational Leadership Major

Enhance your leadership skills and prepare for a career in business or organizational management with EMU’s Organizational Leadership major. Specialists in managing people within systems in the business world are in strong demand. 

This major prepares you for leadership positions in a wide variety of organizations and businesses with a broad skills-based approach. Focus on the personal, interpersonal and group systems in the workplace. Gain skills in project management, motivation, team dynamics and team-building, and interpersonal conflict and mediation. Learn about your own leadership style and develop new communication skills  and relational strengths.

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Courses Credits
 ACTG 221 Financial Accounting  3
 ACTG 222 Managerial Accounting  3
BUAD 101 Business at EMU 3
BUAD 221 Principles of Management 3
BUAD 331 Organizational Behavior 3
BUAD 411 Business Law 3
BUAD 461 Strategic Leadership in Organizations 3
LEAD 300 Leadership Theory and Practice 3
CIS 211 Spreadsheets and Data Management 1
CIS 251 Management Information Systems 3
ECON 201 Survey of Economics 3
MKTG 301 Principles of Marketing 3
ECON elective (300+) 3

Choose 1:
BUAD 321 Human Resource Management
BUAD 431 Seminar in HRM


Choose 6 SH:
PSYC 211 Social Psychology
PSYC 231 Applied Behavior Analysis
PSYC 301 Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships
PSYC 351 Positive Psychology
PXD 311 Mediation and Interpersonal Processes
PXD 321 Group Dynamics and Facilitation


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