Frequently Asked Questions

How are tuition increases set?

We recognize that tuition increases are significant for parents and students, and we are committed to managing costs while delivering high quality education. In the 2016-17 academic year we experienced a higher than usual increase due to the following financial realities:

1. Health insurance premiums under EMU’s self-insured plan have increased by an average of 10.4% annually over the last five years. This represented an increase of $1.1M to EMU’s annual operating budget. This significant cost increase led to the difficult decision to reduce and often eliminate any planned cost of living increases for our employees. In fact, over the last five years we made only one modest 1.5% cost of living increase in January 2014.

2. EMU has been reinvesting tuition increases into financial aid awards. Over the last five years, we have increased the amount of financial aid awards from $8.9M to $13.1M … a 10% increase annually. As a result, the average net tuition per student (gross tuition less EMU financial aid) has increased at a modest 2.3% annually.

How will I receive my bill for the fall semester?

Statements will be available through the student’s EMU Account Online through their An email will be sent to the student and any Authorized users when a statement is available online.
An Authorized user pin must be set up by the student.

When will I receive my bill for the fall semester?

EMU will generate electronic bills for the fall semester the first week of July.

What is the meal plan policy?

  • Students living in traditional residence halls (Northlawn, Maplewood, Elmwood, or Cedarwood) are required to have a full meal plan (continuous service and $100 Royal Cash).
  • Students living in Hillside or Parkwoods are required to have a 60 Block meal plan (60 meals during the semester and $50 Royal Cash). Residents of Hillside or Parkwoods who are seniors and 21 years of age are not required to have a meal plan. A continuous service plan can be added for an addition cost; changes must be made during the first ten days of classes.
  • Please note: Royal Cash is money that can be used in the EMU snack shop, the Royals’ Den.
  • For questions regarding the meal plan policy, please contact Student Life or Dining Services.

Why does my work study eligibility show on my award letter but not on the financial aid portion of my statement?

Work study funds are earned at your work study job and cannot be used as prepayment on your account. Paychecks are distributed every two weeks for hours worked. Additional information about the work-study program is available online or by contacting the Financial Assistance Office at 1-800-330-9683.

What if I cannot pay the amount due by the week before classes begin?

EMU recently contracted with Higher One and CASHNet to provide student payment solutions, including an interest free five month payment plan option. There is a $35 per semester fee for the payment plan. To enroll please login to and click on “View my EMU Account Online” under the Accounts tab. Then follow the steps to enroll in the payment plan.
The 3 month payment plan must be set up by September 14, 2017.

Call the Financial Assistance Office to inquire about Private Loans: 1-800-330-9683 or locally call 432-4137.

What if my Direct and PLUS loans will not be here before the payment due date?

  • All financial aid, including processed loans, will be taken into consideration.
  • If loans are not processed before August 22nd, payment should be made from personal funds. When the loan is received and the student account shows a credit balance, you may request a refund of the credit.

Can I bring my payment with me on registration day?

  • We strongly encourage payments to be made online through your EMU Account Online (link found under the accounts tab of, when logged into your account) or mailed to EMU by the due date. Parents with pin numbers (set up by their student) and authorized users pay online here.
  • Bringing payments on registration day may cause a delay in your internet access on your personal computer.

More Questions?

Contact us at the Student Accounts Office: (888) 432-4112 or (540) 432-4114