Clinical Laboratory Sciences


Join a growing field in the health care industry. As a clinical laboratory scientist you can assist physicians and other health care professionals to diagnose and treat illnesses and other conditions. If you enjoy hands-on lab work, and testing and experimenting to solve problems this would be a good field for you. You're lab experiences and faculty mentoring will prepare you to be a leader in the field of medical testing and diagnostics.


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3+1 Program: Clinical Lab Sciences Major
(three years on EMUs campus with the 4th year as clinical rotations)

The 3+1 program requires three years of studies at EMU where the student spends three years completing science and general education requirements and spends the fourth year in clinical studies at an approved hospital program. After completing the fourth year, the student may graduate from EMU with a bachelor of science degree in clinical laboratory sciences.

Students in this program will be expected to complete all of EMU’s general education requirements within the first three years, prior to entering the clinical rotation year.

Science Course Requirements during the first three years:

BIOL 173 Concepts in Biology 4 SH
BIOL 225 Molecules, Genes and Cells 4 SH
BIOL 245 Animal Form and Function 4 SH
BIOL 327 Advanced Microbiology 3 SH
BIOL 337 Immunology 3 SH
CHEM 223 General Chemistry I 4 SH
CHEM 224 General Chemistry II 4 SH
CHEM 315 Organic Chemistry I 4 SH
STAT 120 Descriptive Statistics 2 SH or STAT 220 Inferential Statistics 2SH

Choose 4 SH from this section:

CHEM 316 Organic Chemistry II 4 SH
CHEM 235 Analytical Chemistry I 2 SH
CHEM 345 Analytical Chemistry II 2 SH
CHEM 378 Drugs: Discovery, Design and Action 3 SH


BIOCH 438 Molecular Genetics 3 SH
BIOL 447 Advanced Human Physiology 4 SH

4+1 Program: Double Major
(4 years for science major; 5th year clinical rotations)

The 4+1 program requires the student to complete first a science major at EMU (typically biology, biochemistry or chemistry) and then enter the clinical year at an approved hospital. This student may carry a double major (e.g. biochemistry and clinical laboratory science) and then elect to delay graduation until after completing the fifth year of clinical studies.

In this program students will complete a major in biology or biochemistry at EMU (including the above required courses) and then take a fifth year for the clinical phase of this program. Upon graduation students will earn a double major.


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