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Bible and Religion


Bible and Religion Department section of the current undergraduate catalog (pdf)

BIRE 444 Bible and Religion Senior Capstone … 3
*BIST 223 New Testament Studies: Gospels OR
*BIST 323 New Testament Studies: Paul OR
*BIST 341 Old Testament Studies … 3
(Bible and religion department majors take either ABP 112 or ABP123 to meet their EMU Core Anabaptist Biblical Perspectives requirement. They then take the upper level biblical course from the testament not studied in the EMU Core as their Bible and Religion core course.)
CHST 312 Missiology … 3
CHST 341 Church History … 3
*CHST 422 Mennonite History and Thought … 3
PHIL 201 Introduction to Philosophy … 3
REL 223 World Religions … 3
THEO 201 Introduction to Theology … 3
THEO 323 Biblical Theology of Peace and Justice … 3
Bible and Religion core courses will satisfy the Christian Identity and Witness requirement of the EMU Core for Bible and religion department majors.


Patrick Monk
“Each member of the Bible and Religion Department inspired me, and I felt connected to the content in a way I never had before. I felt intimately a part of the community, though I was a transfer student and lived off-campus.”
Patrick Monk ’08, culture, religion and mission major


This curriculum provides a foundation in biblical studies with a focus on methods of Bible study for the student anticipating secondary Bible teaching or graduate-level seminary study. Students receive extensive exposure to theological topics and to contemporary issues of biblical interpretation
and the meaning of Christian discipleship. This major requires the 27 hours of core courses listed above plus 18 hours for a total of 45 hours. See current undergraduate catalog (pdf).

This major prepares students to answer Christ’s call to ministry within congregations in the context of rapidly changing, pluralistic and diverse Western culture. The major prepares students for service in fields such as youth ministries, urban missions, and congregational leadership, and is also a foundation for graduate-level seminary studies in church and ministry leadership. This major requires the 27 hours of core courses plus 21 hours for a total of 48 SH. See current undergraduate catalog (pdf).

This major is designed to prepare students for intercultural careers, including mission and service assignments in contemporary Northern settings or in the global South. It may also serve as the foundation for graduate studies in fields such as anthropology, religious studies or missiology. The program includes the study of cultures, the meaning and value of religion within them, and the implications cultures and religions have for varied forms of Christian witness. Students in the RIS major are strongly encouraged to attend the Urbana Missions Conference (held every three years, including 2012) one time during their study program. Those who do so may earn one semester of independent study credit as an additional elective, working with their faculty adviser (CHST 499—1 SH). This major requires 27 hours of core courses plus 21 hours for a total of 48 SH. See current undergraduate catalog(pdf).

This is a major available only to students who are double majors. It is designed for students with an interest in bi-vocational ministry as well as to encourage students from other majors who wish to add a Bible and religion department major and still be able to graduate in four years. This major requires 21 hours of core courses plus 15 hours in one of four concentrations for a total of 36 SH. Concentration options include: Biblical Studies, Congregational and Youth Ministry, Religious and Intercultural Studies, and Philosophy and Theology. See current undergraduate catalog (pdf).

Bible and Religion Department section of the current undergraduate catalog (pdf)