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Social Work

Social Work Admission Instructions

All social work students must apply for admission to the program during their 2nd year of study at EMU. The admissions process requires an application, three references, an autobiographical essay, and an interview with the social work program director. Your advisor will counsel you on when to initiate the admission process.

Application form

To complete the application form, visit the URL below. Follow the instructions provided.

Apply for the Social Work Program 


Compose a letter/email requesting a recommendation for the social work program to three reference persons. Include the following link in your communication with your references.  The link will take them to an online form, where they can provide information regarding your character and relevant experiential background.

Provide a Reference for a Social Work Student 

Autobiographical essay

Review the NASW code of ethics at  Consider whether you want to join a profession with these values. Then, please attach a short autobiography (not more than two pages, typed, double spaced) highlighting events and experiences that enhanced your motivation to choose social work as a major.

Topics you may address in your essay:

  • What experiences in family life and relationships have significantly affected your personal growth and development? (Include present family if married.)
  • Name cultural, religious and family values and practices that contribute to your own distinctive identity.
  • What strengths are you aware of in yourself which you feel will contribute to your effectiveness as a social worker?
  • Identify any personal perceived challenges or concerns you have regarding inhabiting a social work role.  Challenges would include academic performance, a personal value awareness that you perceive to be in conflict with the NASW Code of Ethics, management of family struggles, past experiences that may impact your openness to working with particular populations, and management of a personal physical, emotional, or legal condition. Most challenges are not reasons that our program would not accept you into the program. More often, such challenges are opportunities for growth during your study of social work. As your professional mentors and instructors, your openness will be helpful as we journey with you on your professional formation.
  • In conclusion, summarize your interest in becoming a professional social worker, and name any particular areas of social work practice (if any) to which you aspire.

Complete this essay in Google Docs and share it with Ben Bailey, the Applied Social Science’s office coordinator, when you are finished.  Be sure the title your document with your name followed by “autobiographical essay”, for instance: “Rosa Parks’ Autobiographical Essay”.