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Are you a Yoder Scholar?

The Yoder Scholars competition takes place during Honors Weekend, held each February. Participation is not required for entrance into the honors program; all students who meet the requirements for the honors program are invited to Honors Weekend and are eligible to enter EMU as honors students. Only those who wish to participate in the Yoder Scholars competition need to complete the Yoder Scholars tasks.

2018 Yoder Scholars

The 2018 Yoder Scholarships were awarded to Isaac Alderfer of Broadway, Virginia; Hannah Leaman of Bakersfield, California; and Allison Shelly of Collinsville, Mississippi. 

2017 Yoder Scholar recipients Silas Clymer of Collinsville, Mississippi, and Anisa Leonard of Harrisonburg, Virginia, and Nairobi, Kenya bring strong ties to EMU as well as strong academic achievements.

Meet Ariel Barbosa, Ben Stutzman and Kayla Leaman, the 2016 Yoder Scholar recipients

Maria Yoder and Nicole Litwiller are the 2015 Yoder Scholar recipients.

Harrison Horst and Michaela Mast are the 2014 Yoder Scholars recipients.

About the Competition

Each year only a few honors students are selected as Yoder Scholars and rewarded with EMU’s highest academic award: a full-tuition scholarship for all four years.

The EMU honors faculty conduct the Yoder Scholars competition, rigorously evaluating candidates’ academic performance, community and extra-curricular involvement, creativity, clarity of thought, and leadership potential. Participation in the competition requires candidates to construct a portfolio of their high school achievements, write a series of essays, and meet with a member of EMU honors faculty for a one-on-one interview.

Application Process

Be sure to apply to EMU. In mid-November the EMU admissions office will send detailed instructions to all honors applicants who have expressed interest in the Yoder Scholars competition. Applicants need to have the following submitted/postmarked by January 13:

  1. Two response pieces (see details below)
  2. A substantial example of your academic efforts that include the evaluation and/or comments of the teacher who issued the assignment
  3. A resume indicating school, church and civic involvement
  4. Two forms of reference (choose one person from each group): 1) your senior English, math or science teacher and 2) your guidance counselor, pastor/youth pastor, or employer
  5. An updated copy of your transcript that includes grades from the first semester of the current school year

The application process will culminate with an interview with a member of the honors faculty during Honors Weekend. Winning candidates are notified by mid-February of their selection to be a Yoder Scholar, and they have until March 15 to accept or decline the award.

Guidelines for 2018 essays

Complete the following two essays:

1. A 400-word written response:
“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” - Mark Twain. What things do you know "just ain't so," and how might they get you into trouble?”

2. Conceptual Response: Your task is to tell us whatever it is you want to tell us through the medium of a blank 3×5 card used in whatever way you choose.

Please do not name your high school, self, or home area in either of these response pieces. Put your identification number on the first page of your essay (not your name) and attach it via a sticky note to your 3×5 card. Your identification number will be sent to you by EMU or you may contact your admissions counselor to get it.

If you’ve been invited to the honors weekend on February 2-3, 2018, please register online by January 20.