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Luke Mullet

EMU Admissions Counselor Luke Mullet

Counselor forColorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan,  Ohio, Oregon, and Pennsylvania

Hometown: Berlin, OH

Hobbies: Music composition, biking, reading, lifting

Education: EMU ’19 majored in Mathematics; minored in Music and Honors

Contact info: 540-432-4118,

Fall 2020 Travel Schedule

Why I came to EMU

I chose to attend EMU for a variety of reasons. First, EMU’s campus is situated in an absolutely stunning part of the United States; I wanted to enjoy the outdoors with the numerous hiking opportunities as well as the beautiful campus itself. Lastly, I really loved the small-campus community vibe when I visited and wanted to experience and engage further in EMU’s unique climate. Therefore, EMU felt like a familiar and welcoming space for me. I am grateful for my choice to engage at EMU as a student and now as an admissions counselor.

Why I love EMU

I love EMU because I truly believe that it is a learning space that does prepare individuals to serve and lead in a global context. As a math major at EMU with minors in music and honors, I learned extensively about mathematics, music, and academic rigor. And, through my extra-curricular involvements, I also developed greater relational understanding and cultural competency. In addition, EMU invited me into conversations about climate justice, which now inform an integral piece of my ethical framework. I also love EMU because its values of bridge-building and restorative justice; I believe these intentional characteristics set EMU apart from other higher-ed institutions.

Anything else you should know about me?

I am definitely a person that cannot be easily put “in a box.” I really value learning new ways of thinking, doing, and living. Following my curiosity at EMU set me on a trajectory to engage intentionally and with integrity in the injustice, ambiguity, and profound beauty in the world. My experience also resulted in me acquiring two new identities: composer and storyteller. While I used to consider music composition just as a hobby, it has developed into an even greater passion at EMU since I have used it to help tell important stories. In addition to spending time writing music, I love being active through biking and lifting. While I enjoy traditional academic settings, I also have tons fun being playful and enjoying time with friends and family.

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