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Hannah Daley

EMU Admissions Counselor Hannah DaleyCounselor for: Southern/Western Virginia, North Carolina
Fall 2017 travel schedule

Hometown: Lothian, MD (aka South County)

Hobbies: Longboarding, snowboarding, skimboarding, field hockey, kayaking, and Netflix

Education: Eastern Mennonite University '17; majored in Chemistry and Environmental Sustainability (science); minored in math, physics, and honors

Contact Info: 540-432-4118,

Why I came to EMU

I wanted to attend a small university that was close (but not too close) to where I grew up, in Lothian, MD. When looking at colleges my number one priority was a small class size and the opportunity for student-faculty mentorship and research. Despite my initial lack of interest in EMU, the promise of a well-established environmental sustainability major and the prospect of playing DIII field hockey convinced me to apply. It was ultimately the beautiful campus and community-environment that sold me on coming to EMU.

Why I played a sport at EMU

Participating in EMU athletics was the most influential part of my college career. Between 6 am workouts, lifting schedules, and missing classes for games there are a lot of struggles that comes with college athletics. In the end, I believe that the perseverance and team mentality that athletics teaches is invaluable. Playing field hockey forced me to manage my time and create balance. When I reflect on my time at EMU, many of my favorite memories involve my teammates and the goofy things we did.

Favorite things to do in Harrisonburg

Eat Food! I have a checklist to go to every locally-owned restaurant in downtown Harrisonburg. I love supporting local business and I honestly have not been to a downtown restaurant I didn't like. Also, having a ski resort so close is a plus for any boarder! If you like action sports, Harrisonburg is a great place to come and shred the gnar!