David Yoder

EMU Admissions Counselor David Yoder

Counselor forNon-nursing transfer and second degree students

Hometown: Kalona, Iowa

Hobbies: Reading, sports of all kinds, hiking, backpacking, cooking, traveling

Education: Iowa Mennonite School ’10; Eastern Mennonite University ’14: BA with majors in English and history

Contact info: 540-432-4118, david.yoder@emu.edu

Why I came to EMU

I wanted to go to a university where I could do more than blend in. EMU gave me the opportunity to participate in smaller classes, be involved in campus events, and attend classes taught by professors instead of teacher’s assistants. I was also drawn to EMU by its location; the Shenandoah Valley offers hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, and the chance to be in the mountains. In addition, the city of Harrisonburg is an old and diverse city which gave me the chance to explore other cultures along with the local history.

My favorite EMU memory

Living in Guatemala during cross-cultural: I made lasting relationships with a host family, spent a week exploring Mayan ruins by day and relaxing in a lake house at night, climbed out of caves, up cliffs, and jumped into rivers every time I had the opportunity.

Favorite things to do in Harrisonburg

Exploring the tastes of Harrisonburg’s food trucks; hiking and picnicking along Skyline Drive; overnight backpacking trips in George Washington National Forest, playing Ultimate Frisbee on EMU’s turf fields, and generally enjoying the beauty of the valley.

What some of my EMU friends are up to

Completing a PhD. program at the University of Iowa, teaching 6th grade math at a Harrisonburg middle school, working as a nurse supervisor at the University of Iowa, coaching basketball at a local high school, climbing the ladder at a D.C. accounting firm, freelance writing and video editing in Harrisonburg.

Anything else you should know about me?

After graduating from college, my wife and I went on a cross-continental road trip. We backpacked around Glacier Park in Montana, hiked and camped in several Canadian National Parks, and spent a night in a convent turned bed and breakfast in a small town in Saskatchewan.

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