2011 EMU peacebuilding graduate Janelle Freed

“A top Iranian leader spoke in my ‘Exploring Conflict and Peace’ class when I was a first-year! We asked so many questions. It helped me visualize those affected by the American-Iran conflict. It was humbling and enlightening.”

-Janelle Freed
Sustainability at EMU We snapped this photo of Janelle, a 2011 peacebuilding graduate, during a passionate discussion on sustainability on campus. She was a founding member of the Creation Care Council, student government officer, chapel leader, and more. She now works for Project Peacemakers.

A Christian Campus and Community

Grow in your faith

Discover a Christian university like no other at EMUDiscover a Christian university like no other – rooted in the Mennonite values of creation care, peacemaking, community, and service to others. Feed your mind, body and spirit with hands-on experiences and programs that will challenge you to deepen your faith.

University-wide chapel services twice a week, Sunday evening student-led “Celebration” service, Bible studies in residence halls, prayer partners for mutual support, classroom discussions that wrestle with ethics and values… these are some of the ways undergraduate students grow as followers of Jesus on campus.

Not Mennonite? About half of the undergraduate student body is Mennonite. Dozens of other denominations and faith traditions, and more than 30 nationalities, are part of the EMU family. Hundreds of non-traditional adult learners are also part of the campus community.

Meet others who share your values

Meet others who share your values at EMUEMU’s core values are woven into classroom and coffeehouse conversations, during chapel services, and during down time in the dorms. Come be challenged to think about how your faith and values connect with choices you make every day… from the food you eat, to the products you purchase, the way you interact with all of God’s people, and the professional goals you establish.

Join a caring community

Join a caring community at EMUA caring community with common values and goals is here to support you. Professors are mentors who walk with you through your learning experience and into your chosen vocation.

First-year students are part of a “transitions” group, which meets multiple times each week to support each other and process the new experiences of college life.

An innovative new life coaching program, called Coachlink, offers (free) one-on-one personalized coaching and mentoring to support you in college life.

Come visit EMU and join our community of faith. Learn more about Mennonites, sustainability and the EMU community, our cross-cultural study requirement, and everything else that makes EMU a Christian university like no other.