What do students say about ADCP?

Shawna Cunningham, 2010-11 EMU ADCP graduate Shawna Cunningham

I was in a dead-end job and wanted to finish my degree and better my life. I needed a program that was affordable and practical, since the idea of going back to school after all these years was intimidating.

A friend said I should check out EMU’s program. I loved it! I looked around the Northern Virginia area for a program just like it, but hours and hours of phone calls later, I realized not one college in Northern Virginia offered the curriculum in the time frame – one day a week is sweet! – for the price of EMU ADCP. Some schools even laughed at me for even asking about such a program.

After I added up the cost – including gas and maintenance for my car – EMU was unbeatable in price. I thought I might find the drive daunting, but the time in the car was peaceful. I cleared my head on the way to campus – listening to books on tape – and brainstormed my assignments on the way home. I’ve now finished the 15-month program (with perfect attendance!) and looking back I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

Jennifer Ayers, 2010-11 EMU ADCP Jennifer Ayers

My ADCP classes were life-changing. Professors like Deanna Durham opened my eyes to things I had never really imagined or thought about. I learned first-hand about the many nationalities and cultures that make the US a melting pot. I want to be a better person, to make a difference in the world, to help others in need, to be there for my children in every way possible.

Getting my degree at EMU helped me change my life. Thank you, ADCP, for giving me the incentive to do that.

Words from other ADCP graduates

Maretta Yoder

EMU made finally obtaining my BS in nursing a reality. The program caters to the adult working student. I felt supported, valued, and encouraged throughout the entire program. They wanted me to succeed and worked with me to achieve my goals. The ADCP staff helped make it simple by purchasing my textbooks, and paid attention to details; even personally acknowledging my birthday. The cohort setting allowed me to become close to my classmates, and provided me with an additional significant support system. You won’t be just a number in this program, but will become part of the EMU family.

Stacey Lam

I’m a full-time wife, mother and manager of a large outpatient clinic, and I was able to obtain my BS in nursing while maintaining a 4.0 GPA! The ADCP program is exceptionally well designed and allows the adult learner to pursue dreams while occupying other roles such as parent, spouse, and/or employee. As a result of my positive experience at EMU, I am now encouraging my daughter to pursue her educational dreams through EMU. My personal thanks to EMU for their commitment to serving the diverse needs of the student population through creative solutions while maintaining a campus wide spirit of warmth, compassion, and dedication.

April Campbell

I had the most wonderful experience with the ADCP and EMU. The program was well developed for the adult learner, fitting into my schedule perfectly. Obtaining my bachelors degree was always a dream of mine, but with the responsibilities of adult life, I never thought it was possible. Eastern Mennonite helped me accomplish that dream. The class size was small, and everyone became close, like family, all learning together and following the same educational path. I recommend this program to everyone who asks me where I went to school. Thanks, EMU!

Dusty Williamson

The support from professors and staff as well as the support from your cohort makes the program so special. You look forward to each week going to spend time in class with a cohort of friends and professors that want to involve you in class. There are so many opportunities each day to apply something we discussed in class, both at home and in the business setting. I learned so much from this experience, and really improved how I interact with others. I understand better how to look for co-workers’ strengths and weaknesses and work with them to get the best. My ADCP experience far exceeded my expectations.