Management and Organizational Development Major

The Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree in Management & Organizational Development provides expertise in management, human dynamics, and organizational development for business and public administration. This interdisciplinary program takes a systems approach to the problems, principles and practices of management, incorporating conceptual and theoretical knowledge. Learn more about the admissions process.

Program Details

  • Attend class one evening per week (Classes are only offered at the Harrisonburg campus)
  • Complete your studies in about 15 months
  • Study with other working adults
  • Must be at least 25 years of age
  • Must have current work experience (or significant volunteer experience)
  • Must demonstrate satisfactory writing ability

Study in this program exposes you to:

  • The importance of developing organizations in a variety of areas – human resource administration, interpersonal relationships, adult development models and motivation theory.
  • The practical application of skills and theories in the classroom and through a field-based research project (applied research project).
  • The evaluation of issues and concepts central to the practice of management through the perspectives of historical, cultural, biblical and ethical standards.

Management and organizational development graduates work in:

  • Businesses: manufacturing, retail, health, engineering, housing, recreation, transportation, legal, marketing, human resources, computer information systems, accounting & finance, administration and banking.
  • Service Agencies: health services, department of corrections, community mental health organizations, religious organizations, education, non-profit organizations, police and fire departments and local government.