Liberal Arts Studies at EMU

A liberal arts education at EMU emphasizes reading, writing, thinking and human relations with in the context of a university steeped in the peace tradition of the Mennonite church.

Investing in a liberal arts education at a small Christian university will prepare you for life. Rigorous academics, mentoring relationships with professors, a network of life-long friends and ethical character development are all worth more than just a diploma. EMU graduates are favored by grad schools, sought after by employers and prepared with skills for a lifetime. A number of factors make the difference.

Here’s Eugene Stoltzfus, a founding member of The Rosetta Stone, on the value of a liberal arts education during a 2013 edition of Virginia Insight:

“What I want is an engineer or scientist who has a liberal arts education. It goes beyond technical knowledge into critical thinking. My brother-in-law, who wrote the initial Rosetta Stone program, was fluent in two languages. His ability to understand language learning and think creatively made him a fantastic programmer. The liberal arts background of all involved made Rosetta Stone into something no one predicted. We were thinking ‘outside of the box.’ That kind of confidence is fostered by liberal arts education.”

What do liberal arts majors do?

  • Participate in cross-cultural study to develop global awareness and appreciation of diverse cultures.
  • Learn about care for God’s creation and be challenged to live sustainably.
  • Pursue a concentration in an academic discipline while exploring ideas and and concepts from a variety of disciplines and perspectives.
  • Collaborate with an academic advisor in creating an individualized program of study. Students generally concentrate on a field of study – like history or English – rather than an occupational field.

How do you know if it’s the right fit for you?

This major works for you if you:

  • know where you want to go but want to get there in your own way
  • have summer jobs or internships that establish experience on your resume
  • define yourself through unique personal attributes rather than depending on a college major for identity
  • are more concerned with ideas, concepts and thought processes than with products, services and day-to-day operations.
  • have chosen to delay a career decision, opting to experience education before focusing on a vocation and committing their energies to it.

Liberal arts is also a popular choice for those who will enter the elementary education sequence because of the opportunity to learn about a wide range of subjects.

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