Photos, Snippets and Assets

Adding visual elements to your pages

Adding photos and other visual elements requires more advanced training. Please talk to web administrators to add these elements unles you have been trained. We are happy to help you add these elements. Please request them with the web request form online. 

Here are some tools to know what to ask for.



Non-photo Assets

Assets are content that can be used in multiple places across the site. Examples of assets are the academic calendar and the fast facts page. These assets will change across the site whenever they are edited. If you have text or web features you want to use on multiple pages ask web administrators to create an asset. For graduate pages sidebar content is also created as an asset

Photo Galleries

We can add photos to the sidebar and the header in graduate pages. Ask web administrators about adding photo galleries.


The header photos can be changed per page or per section, however, they need to be a very odd, specific size. They need to be very high resolution, and long and skinny 1170 x 250 px. If you have a photo you'd like as a header please send it to Laura. If you want to test whether your photo will look good in this crop you can test it with this online tool. (But send web administrators the original, this tool messes with the color). 


Photos are easy to add, but must be approved by marketing to make sure they are up to marketing standards for resolution, cropping and permissions. If you have a photo you'd like added please send it to the marketing department. 


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