Creating a Page

You can create new pages. Here's how to do it. 


Create Page and Choose Template

In the folder where you want the page, go to the "New" button 

New Page

 and choose the page template you want. 

Page template


New page

You will get a new page screen. 

new page screen



Title will be your navigation title and the title at the top of your page. Choose carefully. Go for short if possible. 

page title




Use your department name. If the page has a form or calendar on it, those are also tags. Please use them. 



Use these! If you can't think what to use, copy the keywords on the main index page. 

Add Navigation

Always choose no! Laura or Joshua will help you think strategically about where your page should be linked. 

File Name

File name

Create Page

Create the page. 

create page 

 Once the pages is created you can edit it!


You will need to change the header and sidebar before publishing. 

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