Forms and Calendars

Adding forms and calendars to your website can be slightly tricky. Web administrators are happy to add forms and calendars if you are not ready to try this on your own. Please reach out for help using one of the methods described in the help section. Below is some basic information about when and how to use forms and calendars. At the bottom of the page there is a section describing how to add a form yourselfif you want to try it. 

When you create a page with a form or a calendar on it, always use the Forms tag or the Calendars tag in the page set-up. 


Choose the right form for your purpose. EMU has multiple form software options. 

  • For non-payment forms (like an inquiry form or another form that gathers information) we prefer Machforms. If you need training or access to Machform let web administrators know. Some departments are using google forms. We prefer you not use Google forms for the following reasons: 1) They are tied to an individual's email address so if the individual changes roles the university no longer has access to the data. 2) Giving a web administrator access to the form requires that the administrator monitor responses. 
  • For payment forms (conference registrations etc) you have two options:
    • You may work with Auxillary Services. This is highly recommended if you have complicated registration needs, like multiple workshop or plenary choices, housing or meal choices, or other complicated needs. Auxillary services charges a nominal fee for this service.
    • You may work with the business office and set up a CashNet form. If your event is a single, simple registration (a dinner or a single day with no complicated registration options) this is preferable. No fee is charged.
  • For donations we recommend working with the development office to set up a CashNet form. 
  • For course registrations and applications use Jenzabar EX. Contact the helpdesk about setting up applications. 

For all forms think carefully about your needs ahead of time. What information do you need to gather? If you are taking a payment what account will the money go into? Who will receive notifications when the form is filled out? What will you do with the information you receive? How will you follow-up? Don't forget to enter information into Jenzabar EX as relevent. 


EMU is using 25Live for it's web calendar system. If your department has a need for it's own calendar for something talk to web administrators about setting that up. 

We do not recommend using a google calendar on your webpage. They tend not to work well with the new CMS and they can't be tied to the larger university calendar. 

Adding a form to your page

To add a form to your page you need to go into the source code. The easiest way to do that is to figure out where on the page you want the form and then type the word "PUT THE FORM HERE" or something like that in bold letters where you will notice it. 

Save the editable region and then use the button < > Source.

Source button

Copy the iframe code for the form (as you did with the old CMS). 


Once you open the < > Source button you will be looking at the source code of the page. You don't need to be too intimidated. The system won't let you do anything too awful to it. However, avoid making changes you don't understand. 

source code 

Find your "FORM GOES HERE" text and highlight it.

 Form goes here

Delete it and paste the iframe form code on the same line.

Save your changes and check your page to make sure the form posted correctly. 



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