Uploading PDFS

You can upload and link to pdfs using the link the function. 

Note: You will not be able to upload Word documents unless Laura gives you special permission. 

To upload- navigate to the docs folder in your file. (Use the pages link to move from your current page to a the files.)

docs folder

If your file doesn't have a docs folder talk to Laura. 

Once in the docs folder, use the Upload button. Please review best practices for pdf uploads and linking. Especially review naming conventions.  


After you have uploaded the document you must publish it or you won't be able to link to it. 


You can publish multiple documents at once by checking the boxes next to the files and clicking "publish" at the top. 

multi-page publish

You can overwrite a file already in the system when you upload using the "Overwrite Existing" box. See the best practices for uploading pdfs and linking to learn when this might be useful. 

Overwrite is necessary

 overwrite existing

Once the document is added, you can link to it the same way you link to webpages.