Header Images and Sidebar

Graduate pages have headers and and sidebars that can- and should-  be changed. 


Changing a header image is fairly simple. Click on the green header image button (depending on the size of your screen it may be partially hidden by the logo)

header image button


Once you have the screen open. Delete the original image. 

header image

And add an image titled "____-header.jpg" from your images folder. 

image folder


Don't forget to add a description. (it can just be "{name of your program} header") 

image description


Save the header section. 


Sidebar Content

Sidebar content for CJP is an asset.  If you're uncomfortable changing this, just get in touch with Laura and she can add this for you. But if you want to try it on your own, here's how to do it. 

Hit the sidebar content button.

Sidebar button


Add the asset. 

asset button


Choose the CJP asset

asset insert


Save the content.