Creation Care Council

EMU’s Creation Care Councilgrew out of a faculty, staff and student initiative to consider how the campus pulls together its theology of care for the earth with practical every-day decisions made across campus. The Council, which developed EMU’s official sustainability principles, coordinates with other groups to develop concrete steps and long-term plans for creation care on EMU’s campus. The Council also serves as a visionary body directly involved in long-term sustainability planning for the University.


The EMU President will appoint a Vice President from President’s Cabinet and SGA will appoint a student senator to serve as representative. The remaining members should consist of one staff person each from Physical Plant and Marketing and Communications, a student chosen by Earthkeepers who ideally is also involved with Sustainable Foods Initiative (SFI), three additional faculty appointed by the Provost’s office representing a wide variety of academic departments, two additional staff members-at-large, and the EMU sustainability coordinator. An additional at-large member from among graduate students is optional.

Terms for members are two years except for appointed members of Cabinet and SGA and the sustainability coordinator who is a permanent member of the committee.

Current Committee Members (alphabetical by last name)

Daryl Bert (Vice President for Finance), Kate Clark (Instructor, Nursing Dept.), Cyndi Gusler (Professor, Visual & Communication Arts Dept.), Cheree Hammond (Assistant Professor, MA in Counseling), Nate Koser, (Assistant Professor, MA in Counseling), Eldon Kurtz (Physical Plant Director), Jonathan Lantz-Trissel (Sustainability Coordinator), Jim Leaman (Dept. Chair, Assoc. Professor, MBA), Paulette Moore (Associate Professor, Visual & Communication Arts Dept.), Nathan Musselman (CCC Chair, Program Associate, Summer Peacebuilding Institute), Melinda Norris (Earthkeepers Rep.), Greg Sachs (Building Automation Coord.), Eric Trinka (Graduate School Rep.), Jim Yoder (Professor, Biology Dept.), Mike Zucconi (News Bureau Director)