Important Reminders for Orientation

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of your new life at college! Here are some reminders we think will help you out.


All students need to pick up their mailbox number and combination during orientation check-in. Your mailbox is very important because it provides a communication link among the EMU community. Papers and exams returned from professors, publicity for announcements and events, and the U.S. mail are all things you will receive through your mailbox, so please check it often!

Bike registration and storage

If you have a bike, it is important for safety reasons to register it with the City of Harrisonburg. Although Harrisonburg is a small city, bike theft does happen, especially if bikes are left unlocked. Please register your bike so if it is stolen, Harrisonburg police will be more likely to recover it. You can do this by taking your bike serial number and description (make, speed, size of wheels, color, etc.) to the Harrisonburg Police Department. They will register your bike at no charge to you.

If you plan on storing your bike on campus, it is important to register it through your Residence Director. This will provide you with the ability to store your bike in one of the bike storage sheds on campus. Bikes may not be taken into buildings other than bike shelters. Elmwood and Maplewood basements are approved storage spaces equipped with bicycle racks. EMU is not responsible for loss or damage of bikes stored on campus.

Phone service

Students who would like phone service in their room, along with voice mail and a long distance authorization code, should contact the Help Desk (432-4357 or ) on or after move-in day. There is no additional charge for this service.

Computer access

Students who have placed a deposit should have received their user name and password in US mail. For those that did not receive it through US mail the information should be in campus mail when you arrive. Contact the Help Desk (432-4357 or ) if you have questions.


If you own a car, it must be registered with the Physical Plant. First year students will be required to register their vehicle at one of the check-in stations. Transfer and returning students will register their vehicle in the registration line on Monday. The information you need is: license plate number, make, model, and year of vehicle. If you decide at a later date to have a car on campus, you must register it with the Physical Plant immediately. Without a parking sticker, you cannot be contacted in case of an emergency with your vehicle.

Remember to fill out and return all information you receive from your community advisor to the appropriate places!