Important Reminders for Orientation

As you arrive on campus, here are some reminders we think will help you out.

Information Systems Help Desk

You should have received your username and password this summer in the mail. If not, this information will be in campus mail. Contact the Information Systems Help Desk with any questions at 432-4357 or You may also contact the Help Desk if you wish to connect a landline phone in your room.


Please pick up your mailbox number and combination during orientation check-in at the post office table. Your mailbox is located in the campus center and should be checked frequently.


If you own a car, it must be registered with the Physical Plant. The fee for registration is sixty dollars per year. First year students will register their vehicle during the check-in process and transfer students will register their vehicle in the registration line on Monday. The information you need is: license plate number, make, model, and year of vehicle. If you decide at a later date to have a car on campus, you must register it with Physical Plant immediately.

Work-Study Forms

Before you are able to begin working in a work-study position on campus, the financial aid office needs completed Federal and State tax forms along with the I-9 form. Please bring a driver’s license and social security card OR a passport in order for copies to be made at the Financial Aid office.