Eastern Mennonite University

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin?
Where do I find these materials?
Why are the sessions on saturday morning?
What do the sessions look like?
Why are the meetings so long?
How much does it cost?
Are their consultants to help us run the Timothy Project in our congregation?

How do I begin?

Where do I find these resources?

This website www.emu.edu/seminary/timothy contains lists of resources and materials to help you as you participate in the program. Take some time to look through the resources section of the website. If you would prefer to receive printed material, you may request it from the Timothy Project staff.

Why were your sessions on Saturday morning?

They don’t have to be on Saturday morning but that seemed to be the only time when everyone was free. It didn’t mess up most persons plans for the day or evening and it increased the commitment level which made the program seem important and special. We knew that whoever was there really was serious about hearing from God and following Him. We would suggest this format.

What did your sessions look like?

Following is a tentative morning schedule we used. A more basic outline is in the syllabus.

5:30 Breakfast & general discussions on readings
6:00 Worship & prayer
6:15 Introduction of topic
7:00 Discussion, questions and answers
7:30 Break
7:45 Small group, prayer partners, mentors discussion on practical questions, worksheets given by input person, etc.
8:15 Conclusion and weekly assignments made
8:30 Departure

Why are the meetings so long?

Again, that is how we did it. You may make changes if you like. But remember that part of the effectiveness is in the intensity of the program.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to you for the Timothy Project. As a congregation we asked each participant to contribute $15.00 to the experience and covered the rest of the cost as a ministry. Total cost will depend on how many of the suggested materials you decide to use.

Are their consultants to help us run the Timothy Project in our congregation?

Yes there are. To contact us:

Harry & Beth Jarrett
2924 Brookfield Rd
Lancaster, PA 17601

Email: hjarrett7@neffmc.org; bjarrett7@neffmc.org