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Shari Weaver
Evangelism as Initial Spiritual Guidance
February 25, 2005

The Gospel: A Parable

The Kingdom of God is like a huge treasure lying in a field. A man led his followers to this treasure and they helped themselves, but still there was more – so much more that everyone in the world could help themselves, and there would be treasure to spare.

So the followers went out and told many people about the treasure, and some believed and followed the man to find the treasure for themselves, but others doubted and did not bother to go. (And many were afraid to go because in order to do so one must radically trust the man who leads and leave everything behind.) Eventually some of the followers wrote instructions on how to follow the man and find the treasure, and these instructions were bound together into a document that many, many people owned and some even read.

However, as the years passed, fewer people followed the instructions. Some who read the document began to claim they had found the treasure and told others to follow them. Many believed and followed, which was odd, because the leaders were wearing filthy rags instead of cloth-of-gold, so it seemed unlikely that they had found the treasure. Other people, particularly those who were learned, began to ask many questions such as: What was the process by which the instructions were written and bound together? How did the first followers organize themselves? What was the exact nature of the man and the treasure? It was amazing how precise the descriptions became. Many fought angrily for their opinions. But very few people asked: Are the instructions true? Do they work? So only a few followed the man and found the treasure.

To this very day the treasure lies in the field, the document is easy to obtain, and the man longs to lead people to the treasure. If you listen, you can hear him say, “Follow me.”