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When God Says Now

a sermon outline by Loren Horst, President of Virginia Mennonite Board of Missions

Scripture: Exodus 3:1-10
Location: Harrisonburg Mennonite Church, Praise Fellowship
Date: February 2, 2003



  1. God is on a mission. The whole story is God’s story (creation, forgiveness, redemption). God is the real missionary.
  2. Whenever God gets excited about something, God always seems to involve us.

God moves, we’re implicated

  1. Our timing is lousy. God’s timing is perfect. Illustration: “Just now,” an expression that is used in Trinidad

So: God is on a mission, involving us, but on God’s schedule

To the story

Retell the story of Moses at the burning bush, Exodus 3:1-10, drawing out the three points of the outline from the story

  1. God is on a mission: God essentially says to the people, “I have seen, I have heard, I have compassion, I am coming down to rescue.” (v. 7-8)
  2. When God gets excited, God always seems to involve us. The result is God saying, “So now I am sending you!” (v. 10)
  3. Our lousy timing but God’s timing is perfect. Compare Moses’ early attempts to deliver Israel (and failure to do so) with God’s perfect timing and methods used many years later.


Additional Scripture References

When is “Now?”


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