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Celebrate Ministry Sunday!

Ministry Sundayphoto by Jeff Raught

What is Ministry Sunday?

Ministry Sunday is an initiative by the Mennonite Church to encourage congregations to focus on calling church members to use their gifts in some form of ministry.

Why should we celebrate Ministry Sunday?

Leadership development is a key aspect of ministry. Mennonite churches have been hearing about the importance of calling new people into pastoral ministry, and congregations are being encouraged to create a culture of call – a place in which nurturing and encouragement can happen, where people can be formed and affirmed in their ministry gifts.

How can I encourage the exploration of gifts for ministry?

One way is to focus on ministry and vocational call during times of corporate worship.

If you have resources, questions or feedback that you'd like to share please contact Laura Amstutz, Culture of Call Director at (540)432-4268 or laura.amstutz@

Ministry Sunday is officially being celebrated on October 15, 2006. If your congregation is not able to celebrate that day, choose another time and focus your attention on vocation, call and pastoral ministry.

Are there resources available?

Yes! The following resources have been compiled in part by contributions from participating congregations in Lancaster Mennonite Conference, Franconia Mennonite Conference, Virginia Mennonite Conference and the Mennonite Conference of Ohio. You may use these resources as you wish, or they may spark ideas for your own sermons, worship outlines or other resources.

Can I contribute resources?

Yes! We welcome your original sermons, dramas, litanies, orders of service, and anything else that might help encourage others to consider ministry. We pay a small stipend of $25 a page for usable original material.

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New Resources!

Sermons, Notes and Outlines

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