EMU Sciences: Poised for the Future

An upgraded Suter Science Center will allow EMU science programs to keep pace with technology, research, and growing trends in fields like:

Over the past 10 years, more than 90% of EMU students who completed the pre-medical program were accepted to medical school, compared to the current national average of 49%

Healthcare: Society is facing a shortage of primary care physicians and nurses, especially in rural and disadvantaged communities. Many EMU graduates who attend medical school choose careers in primary care, where they are recognized for their work in underserved areas. Read how EMU alum Dr. Randall Longenecker serves rural Ohio and educates future doctors.

Environmental Sciences: EMU applies a unique perspective of social justice and peacebuilding to environmental science and social sustainability – preparing graduates to address issues such as pollution, food production, conservation, and international community development.

Emerging Programs: