The psychology department is located in the Suter Science Center.

Enter the glass doors at the front of the building off Park Road. Just inside the doors, turn to the right and go through the wooden door. Go down the stairs and you will enter a round room used for proctoring and a computer lab. The faculty offices are just around the corner to the left.


  • Five faculty offices in an office suite (Room S-18)
  • A proctoring room/computer lab with four power Macintosh Computers linked to the campus network and the internet and a laser printer for student use.* A study/lounge area that seats about 30 students.
  • A seminar room with a large oval table and chairs to seat 16 students, used for upper level classes.
  • Two play therapy rooms with one-way mirrors where therapy is conducted with young children.
  • Two counseling rooms with one-way mirrors.
  • Offices for FamiliCare therapy program.
  • Two audio/video rooms where training audio or video tapes are made of therapy sessions.
  • A private restroom for FamiliCare clients.