Michelle Kennel

“When a professor sees you as more than a number, college becomes a much more interactive endeavor. ‘What do you know?’ becomes less important than, ‘Where does that knowledge lead you?’”

-Michelle Kennel
EMU psychology and history graduate


What makes you tick? Why do some individuals behave as they do? How does society affect us? Psychology majors at EMU grapple with questions like this and mix real-world experience with classroom study with expert profs.

During your study at EMU you’ll investigate human behavior with courses in abnormal, cognitive, developmental, personality and social psychology. Throughout the program you will apply your knowledge with practical experiences. A highlight of this major is the senior capstone internship in local community service agencies.

Real-World Preparation

At EMU, our goal is to create learning experiences that best prepare you for your career goals. With the assistance of your advisor you have the opportunity to customize your major with interdisciplinary courses in music, peacebuilding, or the sciences so that you will be well prepared to enter into programs or jobs that focus on counseling, teaching or research post-graduation.

Under the guidance of your instructor, you’ll work on group projects and conduct psychological experiments. You will find that as you progress through your course work, your instructors will also encourage you to pursue personal Christian growth in self-awareness, social interaction and human service.

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