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Show at the Crayola House

You walk into a shadowed basement with graffiti covered walls and think, “this is sketchy.” A broken dryer, a probably stolen roadway sign, and random dirty mattresses heavily contrast with the Merry Weather Stadium experience. Young people are dressed to… Read More ›

LSA Fundraiser Banquet

A taste for delicious Latino-inspired cuisine, traditional music, dance including salsa, and benefits to the local organization “La Casita,” all contributed to the unprecedented attendance to the LSA Banquet last Friday. At the banquet, participants could enjoy a free, tasty… Read More ›

EMU Blind Dating Service

Despite the relatively short-lived endeavors of groups such as EMU Confessions and EMU Crushes, this year has seen yet another Facebook group come to life: EMU Blind Date. While EMU Blind Date has not spread as rapidly as the former… Read More ›