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Edge of Tomorrow, Today

What would happen if Jake Gyllenhaal’s “Source Code,” collided with Will Smith’s “Independence Day”? The result might look something like “Edge of Tomorrow,” the latest science fiction offering from director Doug Liman. The film, which stars Tom Cruise and Emily… Read More ›

Gonzo Opens With Gusto

The Black Box filled with students anticipating the first Gonzo heatre of the year Inside the University Commons, past Common Grounds and the Art Gallery last Thursday. Gonzo Theater, known as Gonzo, is a student run theater group where students… Read More ›

Photos Featured in The Weather Vane

The pictures above feature a tool being used to address the different communities of thought surrounding the current Listening Process and comfort level discussing it. Students write their thoughts about the Listening Process and chart them on the cloth. One side… Read More ›