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“Party House” Revisited

Recent speculation and perhaps some gossip have led students to believe that harsher repercussions will fall upon those who host off-campus parties, parties that involve the consumption of alcohol. Regardless of whether or not these assumptions have any basis on… Read More ›

Breaking Routines

Last night I was at a basketball game, enjoying myself and settling in to have a relaxing and predictable night. About ten minutes in, I was tapped on the shoulder by one of my friends and asked if I wanted… Read More ›

The Art of Liberating Us

Liberation in definition is the state of being liberated. Nations across the globe have been undergoing constant revolutions, coups, and other forms of political dynamics in order to promote what they believe is their liberation from an oppressing nation, government,… Read More ›

Student Perspectives

We’ve been talking a lot about race in the Weather Vane lately. I want to recognize that only a very small portion of campus is involved with our staff, and this limits the number and breadth of views we have… Read More ›


I don’t apologize for what follows And I don’t regret speaking what is true, Though I realize words provide me foes. Listen with open mind and spirit, too. Because I am gay you refuse to love; You think lesbians can’t… Read More ›

Emotion: Feel, Sense, Perceive

red hate heat bitter sulfur loud pain blue depressed chilled milky mildew quiet hurt black fear freezing bland nothing nothing nothing yellow tired lukewarm sour stale muffled wet purple confused temperate salty sweaty oscillating throbbing orange anger cold metallic chemical… Read More ›