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Pacifist Confessions

Yesterday morning, Lehman audi- torium had a very special guest in the form of Vincent Harding, renowned Civil Rights leader, academic, and speaker. Harding covered a lot of ground as he spoke about the personal events that had shaped him… Read More ›

10 Second Movie Anlyses

“Her” is seriously one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. It’s the first movie I’ve ever fully cried in, as in tears rolling down my face crying. It was the most honest, insightful, layered film I think I’ve ever… Read More ›

Letter: Talk to the People!

Dear David Yoder, At first I was confused, why congratulate EMU? But, as I finished the editorial, I discovered why; you stated that, “this campus is boring,” but recognize that, “boring is good.” This raises concern in my mind. What… Read More ›

“Party House” Revisited

Recent speculation and perhaps some gossip have led students to believe that harsher repercussions will fall upon those who host off-campus parties, parties that involve the consumption of alcohol. Regardless of whether or not these assumptions have any basis on… Read More ›