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Blasphemy and Respect

According to Dictionary.com, blasphemy is “Impious utterance or action concerning God or sacred things.” As crazy as it sounds, I was never really that involved with religion. Coming from an un-religious background, I had never given blasphemy a second thought…. Read More ›

Spiderman Questions Traditional Heroes

The Spider-Man franchise recently received a refreshing reboot in “The Amazing Spider-Man,” the newest take on the super-hero’s mythology. Although the previous trilogy that gave Spider-Man a cinematic depiction ended less than a decade ago, Marc Webb’s new interpretation seeks… Read More ›

Friendship With a Republican

I’m friends with a conservative. She is a right-wing, republican voting, supporter of small government, pro-life, non-pacifist, all out conservative.  She is also someone I genuinely respect and care for. For me, being friends with a conservative is a big… Read More ›

A Word from the Co-Editor

The United States has a problem with violent crime. The FBI reports that the violent crime rate was 403.6 per 100,000 people in 2010. Firearms also play into these rates: 68% of murders, 42% of robberies, and 22% of aggravated… Read More ›