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A Word from the Co-Editor

On Saturday, the Student Government Association posted the results from their idea drive on Facebook. Tucked amid the requests for a campus puppy and campus improvements was this note: “Military Support! Some people here love and support the military and… Read More ›

Letter: EMU Hiring Policy

EMU’s mission statement proclaims that our university is “a learning community…offering healing and hope in our diverse world.” That is something that I’m sure we can all agree upon: the world needs hope; the world needs healing. And as for… Read More ›

Prejudiced First Impressions

First impressions can be detrimental to the beginning of relationships. The initial opinion you have of someone can be extremely deceiving, whether it is positive or negative. I remember thinking about first impressions during the journey to college in August…. Read More ›

Word from the Co-Editor

Appalachia has a legacy of violence surrounding the coal industry. Today, mountaintop removal perpetuates this violence, while dividing activists and miners who both contribute to the problem. I attended the Mountain Justice Fall Summit in Rock Creek, W.Va. to learn… Read More ›

Letter: Care For Creation

Environmental protection is not a new concept to today’s society, as   climate science and its validity is being proven more and more everyday. However, there is still frequent opposition to the idea of taking care of and respecting our… Read More ›

Stop Using Amanda Todd

The loss or death of someone you are close to can actually bring people closer. It can motivate people to let grudges go, to change bad habits, or appreciate the people and time they have because they realize that both… Read More ›