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Be an Informed Movie-goer

“I know a girl whose sister’s boyfriend was there when bin Laden was shot and he says that the stuff in this movie is all true!” This is the disturbing conversation I recently overheard during a preview for “Zero Dark… Read More ›

EMU: A Healthy Mixture

“It would be simpler, philosophically, to be either a Bible college, on the one hand, or an utterly secular university on the other. To combine spiritual commitment with academic openness is to tread the narrow edge of unrelieved intellectual tension…. Read More ›

Citizens United

In our final article we bring the fourth and fifth common misunderstandings about Citizens United. Misunderstanding 4: Taking away personhood from corporations would stop the huge flow of cash to influence elections. In 1976, the Court stated in Buckley v…. Read More ›

Responsible Opinions

EMU students have a lot of opinions and are not shy about expressing them. However, sometimes an opinion can move from harmless self-articulation to something more dangerous. I believe that two such articles written by Thomas Millary and appearing in… Read More ›

A Word from the Editor

Co-editing a university newspaper throws you up against the wall. Throughout the semester, Joel and I have faced many difficult situations in regards to how and when to cover serious, hazardous events. With each situation, we have to reevaluate our… Read More ›

The Truth and Journalism

 Two months ago Joel Nofziger wrote that the five principles of the Weather Vane are “honesty, comprehensiveness, impartiality, sensitivity, and accountability.” He went on to say that “Journalistic independence ensures that important stories are uncensored, all student voices are represented,… Read More ›

Violence of Capitalism

 Revolutionary violence is a concept that brings to mind images of death, terror, and chaos. Across the political spectrum in contemporary America, reformism is lauded as the better and more reasonable alternative to revolutionary action against the system. The typical… Read More ›