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Problems With Plagiarism

Starting way back in elementary school we were taught to not take things that do not belong to us. While in elementary school teachers were referring more to physical belongings, high school teachers and professors are talking about an author’s… Read More ›

Handbook Ostracizes LGBTQ

Over the past several years, the campus atmosphere has slowly shifted toward a reasonably safe and tolerant environment for gays and lesbians. At large, the university has stopped blatant discriminatory practices, people are able to be open about their sexual… Read More ›

Be an Informed Movie-goer

“I know a girl whose sister’s boyfriend was there when bin Laden was shot and he says that the stuff in this movie is all true!” This is the disturbing conversation I recently overheard during a preview for “Zero Dark… Read More ›

EMU: A Healthy Mixture

“It would be simpler, philosophically, to be either a Bible college, on the one hand, or an utterly secular university on the other. To combine spiritual commitment with academic openness is to tread the narrow edge of unrelieved intellectual tension…. Read More ›