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Integration at Powershift

The conference Powershift attracts thousands of animated and passionate young activists and wannabe- world changers, which resulted in a delightful, incendiary, informative and inspiring weekend. Powershift is an annual event geared toward college students designed to empower and inform. It… Read More ›

Reluctant Hope at the UN

Despite gaping holes in the United Nation’s effectiveness as a global governing body, I left a recent Peace Fellowship-orchestrated visit to the UN optimistic about the possibility of institution-led progress towards peace. At first glance, the shortcomings of the UN,… Read More ›

CISPA Misunderstanding

For the last week there have been memes on Reddit’s front page regarding CISPA—some of which are complaints, some are critiques, and other memes are just a sad attempt at being clever. The posters are prompting viewers to write to… Read More ›