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Valley Events

Concert: Within Our Gates, Beyond the Throne, Atlas Concept, Arm the Witness Metalcore/Metal, 18+ The Blue Nile Thursday, 9p.m., $5 Theater: Ted & Company’s Fish Eyes Fish Eyes takes audiences on an unforgettable and funny series of detours through the… Read More ›

EMU’s Firewall Settings

The war on internet malware is causing frustration for many on EMU’s campus. Recently, sites including the University of Virginia archives, humor site “Dorkly”, and streaming service “Watch Cartoon Online,” have all been blocked for several hours by EMU internet… Read More ›

Valley Events

English Major Seminar Talks Forget Tara: Remote and/or Grotesque Southern Landscapes. Tuesday, 9:25 – 10:40 a.m., Campus Center 350 Yoknapatawpha at 1200 Park Road: EMU Reads Faulkner. Tuesday, 4:15 – 5:15 p.m., Campus Center 105 Reading the Mississippi and its… Read More ›

SGA Presidential Platforms

Running to share presidency Becca Longenecker Junior, English Major Becca Martin Junior, History Major   Platform: EMU! The Beccas are back, and we want to serve you as your 2014-2015 SGA Co-Presidents. We are both third-year students who have served on SGA… Read More ›