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Into the Archives of WeatherVane

“Recently an Inorganic Chemistry student made the mistake of igniting a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. The result was a violent explosion, sending glass in every direction. Ezra Nafziger exclaimed, ’’That’s what I’ve been wishing for all these years, a... Read More ›

Royals’ Weekly Recaps

Men’s Soccer The team had two games this week. The first game was against Virginia Wesleyan, resulting in a 2-0 loss. Sophomore Matthew Overacker had seven saves, while sophomore Juan Luna had six shots on goal. Their second game was... Read More ›

Poem of the Week: Untitled

Untitled Brown cherry tops off the warm, filmy Sundae. Eyelids a dam out of a job Pillow darkened with salty evidence of glass shards playing leap frog on the soul World’s Highest Sugar Cube Tower, nudged. Insides white-hot A scream... Read More ›