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Letter: A Turn From Sin

In a previous Weather Vane article, I saw a letter to the editor entitled “Where are the Opposing Voices?” The author, knowing that she (I don’t know why I think it was girl, maybe it was a guy) would receive… Read More ›

Valley Events

Concert: Within Our Gates, Beyond the Throne, Atlas Concept, Arm the Witness Metalcore/Metal, 18+ The Blue Nile Thursday, 9p.m., $5 Theater: Ted & Company’s Fish Eyes Fish Eyes takes audiences on an unforgettable and funny series of detours through the… Read More ›

EMU’s Firewall Settings

The war on internet malware is causing frustration for many on EMU’s campus. Recently, sites including the University of Virginia archives, humor site “Dorkly”, and streaming service “Watch Cartoon Online,” have all been blocked for several hours by EMU internet… Read More ›