Letter: God’s Christian Standards

Is EMU a “safe space” for those who disagree with changing the hiring practices?

In the beginning. . . we believe that God instituted marriage when He created Adam then Eve, and brought Eve to him. And they became one flesh.

This, we believe, is God’s plan and His ideal. Through history, man has distorted this plan. Never do we read that God changed his mind that a man and a woman become one flesh.

Yes, people went their own way, followed current cultural trends, did what was right in their own eyes, but God’s plan for marriage did not change.

We desire what is easy, and what does not take commitment.

We want what we want when we want it. Remaining celibate outside of marriage of one man and one woman is laughable to many. Remaining faithful in marriage is also foreign to many.

The Christian is called to deny self, not let the world squeeze us into its mold, go, and sin no more.

There is forgiveness for not being able to hold to God’s high standard, but the standard does not change with the winds of culture and desire. We claim to be a “Christian university like no other.” It is an awesome responsibility to teach young people and set examples for them. Some of tomorrow’s church leaders are sitting in the classrooms. We believe that the persons who teach and work at EMU should live God’s standards among the students.

How can we claim “Thy Word is Truth” and not teach and live it among the precious young people who are entrusted to us?

Respectfully submitted,

Jan Gerber, Information Office Coordinatior; Anita Weaver, ADCP Harrisonburg Office Coordinator; and Patty Eckard, Business and Economics Administrative Coordinator.

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