Upcoming ISO Banquet

International Student Organization President Sophomore Kaltuma Noorow and Vice President Junior Caleb Hinga Vice President collaborated to find the most fitting theme for this year’s annual banquet.

Based on the events centered on Vincent Harding’s recent presence on the EMU campus this semester they decided to use “Celebrate Diversity” as their theme.

Noorow, said, “I was inspired by a chapel that Mark Sawin spoke at. He talked about EMU being at the forefront of racial progress when they accepted an African American student on to their campus, ahead of any other school in Virginia.

While EMU promotes a message of acceptance and community and tries to maintain that through its actions, it also struck me that we should be proud of our diversity, and that is where the idea for the banquet came from.

Celebrating Diversity. We can all be EMU students, humans, etc, but there is nothing wrong with recognizing what makes us unique.”

The banquet will be held this Saturday at 6p.m. in the gym. Tickets are three dollars for students and five dollars for faculty and community members.

There will also be “Hire Like No Other” Tee-shirts for sale, and a variety of international food to eat.

-Devon Fore, Style Editor

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