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Thanks to the US, Israel, and the Holocaust, there are very few Jews in Europe.

But Jews have been stepped on by European Christians since Constantine (give or take). Picking ourselves back up became a work of art. We became so good at it, social-economic recovery only took about a generation. We have been around for thousands of years; what’s 20 more when looking at the big picture?

So, lets talk about white privileges. There is something familiar about that phrase and I just can’t put my finger on it. That’s right, it is National Socialist dogma attempting to resurrect itself.

I fully understand the fight for equality. It is weird, even the fight for equality and rights — black rights, white rights, brown rights, yellow rights, minority rights, gay rights, womens’ rights, animals’ rights, etc.

It all has to be fought for; nothing is handed out. Even the US, which was created to be the “pinnacle of liberty,” had slavery and inequality among the races and genders.

It is a fight that started with “in the beginning” and continues to this day. One of the biggest mistakes people make when fighting for causes is that they turn into what they are fighting against. It is that mistake that has caused the fight for equality to be never ending. We keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

So now my question is, how many times has “Mein Kampf” been read? “White privileges:” all that is, is “Jew” crossed out and replaced with “white.”

— Joel Abrams

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