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Refining, No Re-Creating

A part of college is confronting ourselves and weighing our present values and lifestyle against what we learn while here. It provides a time for change, but we should not use it as an excuse to completely reinvent ourselves. While… Read More ›

Faith Contradictions

Supposedly, the basis for the exclusion of hiring faculty in same-sex relationships lies in the Mennonite Church USA Confession of Faith of 1995, Article 19. Below are a few potential consequences from this document that, one would assume, are also… Read More ›

Question: Why Theater?

I am constantly asked, why theater? Why not film? Why choose such an impractical major? Do you ever want to be employed? Why theater at such a small school? Of all the places to study theater, why EMU? While I… Read More ›

Art: The Open Question

Tattoos have been a part of our culture for years. Some of the earliest known tattoos date back to the prehistoric times. In many cultures around the world tattoos are a sign of social class, occupation, or even a right… Read More ›

Athletic Education

At EMU, a school not known as much for sports as for recycling, I’ve often heard professors giving athletes a hard time about their sport and how much time it takes. It’s easy to dismiss a division three athlete and… Read More ›