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Running to share presidency

Becca Longenecker

Junior, English Major

Becca Martin

Junior, History Major



EMU! The Beccas are back, and we want to serve you as your 2014-2015 SGA Co-Presidents. We are both third-year students who have served on SGA over the past three years in various roles, with highlights being Becca Longenecker serving as SGA President in the fall of 2012 and Becca Martin serving as the senator who headed the committee that planned Fall Fest 2012 (where there was $2 Chipotle!) Becca Longenecker is currently serving as SGA secretary, while Becca Martin is studying abroad in Germany. Together we have been cooking up ideas about how to make SGA a more accessible and more visible representation of the student body, and hoe to put your student activities fees to use in ways that benefit you! We hope to make SGA transparent, relevant, and fun! We’re ready for an exciting new year at EMU, full of new ideas for campus, and eager to hear your ideas too.

Sincerely yours EMU,

Beccas Martin and Longenecker


Running for to serve as president


Robert Cook

Freshman, History Education


As President I will do my best to be a fair and level headed representative of the student body. I believe that all funds acquired by the SGA should be allocated only to projects and activities that the students’ desire and that students should have an opportunity to voice their opinion as to where the funds should go via survey. As a student who has experience in politics and student government. I will do my best to uphold the SGA constitution and to follow the will of the student body.


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