Refining, No Re-Creating

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA part of college is confronting ourselves and weighing our present values and lifestyle against what we learn while here. It provides a time for change, but we should not use it as an excuse to completely reinvent ourselves.

While here, we learn in our classrooms, through our friends, and simply by living semi-independently.

Whenever something new is learned that contradicts something already known we have to adapt our thinking and ourselves. This adaptation helps prepare us for living fully as an adult, but it is the additions to our beliefs and personality that ultimately matures us.

My time in college has been used to refine myself.

I have refined my beliefs as a Christian based on what I have learned while here and have changed my stance on several topics, but I still retain my key beliefs.

No longer can I look at anything theologically based in cut and dry terms—I now know that there is always some sort of in-between answer to everything.

College has helped me to better see things around me, but not everyone uses this time as simple refinement, some view college as a time to completely reinvent themselves.

A popular concept of college is a place where you can experiment with everything—with physical appearance, religion, and basically everything else. At least, this is part of what media has taught, that college is a time where you create a temporary persona that is different from the you outside of college.

I disagree.

College is about learning from new experiences, new freedoms, and from the content of your classes.

It is about shaping your mind and maturity so that you can succeed in independent and group work throughout the rest of your life.

It should never just be a temporary thing that is only present while at college—you should be fully you in all circumstances.

Your time here at EMU should shake you up, awaken you to the world around you and give you a purpose in life.

It should be used as a period of refinement, rather than re-creation so that we become better from what we were rather than simply something new.

-Carrie Wilkie, Sports Editor

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