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adam_poseyAt EMU, a school not known as much for sports as for recycling, I’ve often heard professors giving athletes a hard time about their sport and how much time it takes.

It’s easy to dismiss a division three athlete and what playing at this level has to offer versus a student-athlete’s experience in the classroom.

From my experience, however, I say that when I graduate from EMU, I will be far better equipped for life from the things I learned on a baseball diamond than the things I’ve learned while sitting behind a desk.

And that’s no knock on the professors here, they’ve been great to me and the relationships I’ve formed with them have been extremely valuable to me.

At the same time, the experience I’ve gained and lessons I’ve learned from being an athlete will serve me more in life.

I’ve learned more about adversity and overcoming it from being defeated in baseball than I have from a professor handing back a low grade.

I’ve learned about communication and getting along with people I don’t like, which I imagine will serve me pretty well once I move on into the workforce.

It’s also hard to imagine I could learn more about leadership in class than being a captain for a group of 32 young men that are taking their cues from me.

This isn’t all being said to dismiss everything I’ve done in a classroom.

The things my professors have taught me, especially in a class like Senior Sem, will benefit me as well.

I’m just saying that athletics have given me more practical and generally useful information when it comes to life experience.

I understand the nature of the beast. Student-athletes are students first, we are here to go to school, we have to do something when our playing career is over.

I’ve heard it all before.

But also consider how valuable college athletics are.

Think about the growth an athlete will experience in four years.

Without baseball, without my coaching staff, and without my teammates, I would be far less equipped to handle what I’m about to face come graduation day.

-Adam Posey, Staff Writer

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