SGA’s Annual Budget

SGA co-presidents Senior Christine Baer and Junior Carissa Harnish are focused on raising money for renovation of the Suter Science Center as the fundraising campaign enters its final months. SGA is still functioning as it has in the past, approving or rejecting funding proposals by various clubs and activities.

As SGA’s idea drive closes and a March club funding deadline approaches, SGA is finding time to consider several new funding proposals and to reflect on the organizations and events that it chose to fund heavily during the 2013-2014 school year.

According to treasurer Ryan Swartzentruber, this year’s biggest expenditures include a decision to spend massively in order to revive the Shen yearbook. In regards to the Shen, Treasurer notes, “SGA decided that if we were going to give a face lift to Shen we wanted to raise enough money to revive it.”

Later, Harnish emphasized that this would not be a yearly expenditure, saying, “Our intention was not for this to be a permanent budget increase, but to be a one time allotment that can get the yearbook going again.”

Other projects that SGA funded heavily include bringing Vincent Harding to campus and one time expenditures for upgrades in Common Grounds. These upgrades included the purchase of an industrial sized fridge and the instillation of a Common Grounds drink station in the library.

Baer noted that SGA also played a part in bringing Trent Wagler to campus for a performance in Common Grounds and funded portions of the International Peace Conference.

Despite these large projects, Baer feels that the funding requests this year fall within the normal range of what SGA expects when it comes to expenses.

Harnish also talked about some of the ideas that SGA garnered from the idea drive boxes that they placed throughout campus. According to Harnish, one of the more interesting ideas came in the form of a page-long persuasive essay on the merits of installing a sushi machine in the Den.

Other ideas worth noting included the installation of a sidewalk between Parkwoods and the science center (behind the soccer field), and a butterfly garden.

Baer expressed interest in these ideas and said that the more practical ones will be considered as SGA looks at how it will allocate its budget for the following year.

For now SGA is focusing on fundraising for the Science Center. Even the SGA office has been enlisted in this purpose, as it now holds several boxes full of scientific paraphernalia, from test tubes and chemical containers to old Coke bottles.

Harnish explains that these boxes form a part of the merchandise from the old science center that will be auctioned off in order to fund renovations.

-David Yoder, Co-Editor In Chief

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